“I recommend Clicking In to anyone who is new to the area or who wants to meet new people. I’m from here but I’ve lived in Shanghai for the last 15 years. This has been a wonderful experience for meeting great ladies and some nice men, too. I strongly suggest you check out Clicking In.”

~Dr. Debi Yohn, Therapist




“I was exploding with joy and appreciation yesterday after performing for Lani Click at her event-Clicking In at the Colony Hotel on Palm Beach. Thank you to ArtStage Performing Arts and Lani for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and experience. Everything happens for a reason! Smile with your whole being and love with your whole self, for our souls shine with our light and our hearts beat with joy.”

~Lindsay Arella White, Performer, Choreographer, Instructor, ArtStage Performing Arts



“Congratulations on your wonderful program. Your work is important work.”

~John Joseph Long, Author: The Three Wellsprings of Leadership



“I really enjoyed myself yesterday and I found you, as well as the keynote speaker, spectacular! I saw several familiar faces and it was refreshing, uplifting, thought-provoking and a great way to spend the middle of the work-week. I hope to join you again; yesterday was a very positive experience.”

~Kim Willard


The panel members were stimulating, quite individual and expressed themselves cogently about many subjects. My Jupiter Island friends enjoyed it very much.”

~Jane Davis Doggett, Artist


“I drove all the way up from Hollywood, Florida because it is terrific. The conversation is great, informative speeches, lectures, jokes, and entertainment. It makes for a wonderful afternoon and the food was good, too. Thank you for bringing culture to our

~Dr. Linda Kaplan, Ophthalmologist



“This is my first event at Clicking In. It’s a great place where you can network, meet some wonderful business contacts, enjoy fabulous speakers, and a great lunch. Come see us.”

~Dorothy Horstman, Director of Music, United Methodist Church of Jupiter



“FANTABULOUS! – What more can I say – another wonderful event! An incredible bunch of woman – so glad that the Mayor was able to make it! Thank you for allowing me take part in your event.”

~Shirley Horn



“The speakers are phenomenal and the information they provide is very informative. The guests are good for networking. This is an excellent format to be able to promote my business.”

~Natalie Alvarez, Vice-President, Sabadell Bank

“I was impressed and met some fascinating people. The three talks were eclectic, very interesting, and a high caliber of intellect. I’m inspired and the lunch was terrific.”

~Cynthia McCallister, Professional Artist



“I cannot recommend Clicking In events enough. I came for the first time today and laughed and laughed and wished I had been here before. Of course we had a comedian today and she was incredibly funny as promised. But we also had two other local authors who were fascinating. It is an enriching event. It gets you excited about living here in Florida by opening your eyes to other things going on. I recommend Clicking In to everyone. This is wonderful. A treasure.”

~Lisa Cheponis, Illustrated Properties



“Today’s Clicking In event was terrific. You are a marvelous Mistress of Ceremonies. I can’t commend you enough for what you present and how well you do it. You are a gift to so many people– generously giving your support and networking help to both men and women move forward in their professions.”

~Marcia C Kay, Author



The diligence with which the speakers were moved along and the very nice people I had the opportunity to meet. Thanks again for a pleasant and informative gathering and look forward to attending future forums when I am in Palm Beach.”

~Mark Baccash



“This organization is top drawer. Every speaker is an inspiration. I met authors, artists, therapists, both men and women. It is a wonderful mixture of energy and I am very grateful I was included.”

~Bonnie Roseman, Fashion Designer