“Something New About Something Old”

For 30 years, his day job has been newspapering, with a career path that has taken him to The Boca Raton News, The Palm Beach Post and, now, Florida Weekly’s Palm Beach County editions. That love of antiques inspired him to write his Journalist and antiques expert Scott Simmons will talk about general trends in antiques and collectibles and offers insights into why your kids and grandkids don’t want your treasures. Scott offers tips in celebrating and enjoying your treasures, and offers suggestions for getting the next generation to appreciate some of these things. 

“Surviving Scandal” A Conversation with Former Congressman

Mark Foley is a former member of the United States House of Representatives. He served from 1995 until 2006, representing the 16th District of Florida as a member of the Republican Party. After leaving Congress, Foley entered the real estate business in Palm Beach, Florida.

A Conversation with JEFF GREENE

Our featured guest, JEFF GREENE, discusses the growing income gap in our economy and the challenges the average hard-working American must face. The rapid automation of many human tasks is already overwhelming our ability to adapt, and robots and software could continue to affect an increasing percentage of our workforce. This lack of opportunity is the most critical challenge that our economy is facing today. We need to gain an understanding about what is happening in our economy, and come up with big ideas to help re-start the American Dream.